High tech in TJ

A few days ago I woke up to a new and strange sound at about 7 am.  I can best describe it as the sound of a bird thrashing about inside a

Traditional methods, alive and well in Garm

metal container…or at least that’s what it sounded like.  It would thrash about for about 30 seconds, then nothing, then more thrashing.  It was Saturday morning, and I still had another hour of sleep planned.  At first I listened, then I tried to ignore it, then finally I had to investigate.  What the h*ll was it?!?  I stumbled outside, still half-asleep, onto the road in front of our office and residence.  The first thing I saw was a vehicle with one man behind the wheel and another near the engine with the hood up.  How could that sound be coming from a car?  As I got closer I noticed that the younger man in front of the car actually was bent over a hand crank (yes, a metal crank for starting the engine) and had been attempting to start the engine.  This was not a very old car, yet I can only associate hand cranks with old Model T Fords.  I continued my walk down the street to see if just possibly there was bird thrashing about in the old iron stove pieces near my room, but no, it was clear that the thrashing I heard was the sound of that engine attempting to turn over.  I couldn’t imagine how a hand crank could be used on a fairly modern car, but it was.  Since the “village schedule”, not to mention morning prayers, has people up at a very early hour, I decided not to try to explain that I was still trying to sleep.  But I think they got the message, since the cranking soon stopped…


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