Pediatricians and physicists

Yesterday and today in Khujand has been non-stop interviews as we look to staff up the program. What I have discovered is that the candidates here are rather well educated. In fact, that’s an understatement. Today we interviewed for a training coordinator, who will be responsible for trainings in this region, working with several other program officers. It is an important position, but not a senior position. Our small group of candidates included two doctors (pediatricians) and someone with three degrees in economics. Why would they apply? Most jobs still pay little here, and there appear to be few job opportunities in this region of the country. You’ve probably heard the stories of the former rocket scientists who are now driving cabs in NYC – they actually do drive cabs in NYC, and this is one of the places they come from (last week I interviewed a physicist with multiple degrees, now applying to monitor and evaluate our programs). If we can put an economist, a doctor, and a physicist in each of our offices we’ll be ready for anything…


One response

  1. anne from paris

    wow, interesting. never noticed my NYC cab drivers were all that smart, but hey who knows…
    so, which one(s) did you hire?
    are the super-duper-overqualified peep doing a good job so far?

    December 10, 2009 at 7:31 pm

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