Flying Tajik Air

My first flight on Tajik Airlines.  We were taken out to the plane in a bus-like container towed by a truck – sounds strange but gets you there.  The airplane itself was an old turboprop, clearly well-used and well-worn with space for about 40 people.  The single flight attendant invited us into the interior, which felt much more like an old train car than anything else – worn fabric covered seats like in an old theater.  No one took over their winter coats including the flight attendant, so I figured there wasn’t a lot of heat coming.  Actually it keeps everything simple, none of that taking off and putting on, and anyway there was no place to stow anything.  Everyone got one piece of hard candy and off we went.  Although we must have flown over some dramatic landscapes, I could see almost nothing from my aisle seat.  A boy of about 10 in front of me seemed to find me more interesting than anything else, and by the end of the flight was leaning on the back of his seat staring at me.  At Khujand Intl Airport, a group of airport employees are sweeping the tarmac with very long brooms.  I know that keeping foreign objects away from airplane engines is a good idea, but never seen it done this way…

Note long broom handles for efficiency of sweeping large airport


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